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Scene 1:

Me: Lets go on a looooong trip!

You: Lets see how many leaves I can manage now….

Me: Ha! You cant patao your boss for a few measly leaves?? this is like the dark ages! whats the point of working so hard??? (continue in same strain)

You (after a week) : Ok, I’ve got the leave approved, spoken to the travel agent, worked out some finances… when do you want to go?

Me: err…my boss said No

Scene 2:

Me: Yayyy lets go to Europe

You: Yayyy lets go to South Africa

Me: ???!!! (if you havent got the relevance you live a blessed existence without cricket and I envy you!!)

Scene 3:

Me: You STILL havent packed and we have to wake up at 5 tomorrow

You: Its only 1 tiny suitcase…takes 15 min

You: Are you taking ALL that stuff?

Me (humph): You never know we might get stranded somewhere

You: Yes on the very real chance of that happening those clothes are what will save us!!

You: err…do you have some room to fit my shoes?

Scene 4:

You: Can you give us a window and an aisle in the same row?

Irritatingly-Helpful-Counter-Guy: I can give you 2 seats side-by-side (beaming)

Me: We dont WANT that, can you give us a window and an aisle in the same row?

I-H-C-G (now lookin scared): But…but…why would anyone want that?

Both: WE do!

I-H-C-G: yesyes (speeds up the process just to get rid of the psychos)

Scene 5:

You: wow nice hotel

Me: hmmm…this isnt the view we booked…this is partial-sea-partial pool-partial verandah of next guy view…we had asked for full-sea-partial-pool-semi sunset view…lets ask them to change it?

You: But the TV works fine

Me (after some up and down): Ok its similar but this room is actually better

Scene 6:

Me: Yayyy the geyser works

You: Yayyy ESPN works

Scene 7:

Me: Ok what places do we visit tomorrow? i’ll google

You: Where do we eat and drink tomorrow? i’ll gobble

Scene 8:

You: wake up! what happened to all the grand plans for today?

Me: hmmm mmm 5 min…snooze button!

Me: we are late! lets gooooo!!

You: mmm hmmm 5 min…snooze button!

Scene 9:

Me: Museum-hopping!

You: Beach-lazing and water-sports!

Me: Again? Shopping!

You: Again??! Pub!!

Me: Food?

You: Drink?

Me: Okie

You: Dokie

Scene 10:

Me: Its be-yew-ti-ful!

You: Wow!

Me: Sigh…

You: Sigh…