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1. Contrary to popular belief you DO have fun at your own wedding – food included!

2. Sisters and gruesome-twosomes are absolutely indispensable during the wedding – and forever afterward (unlucky single children can replace this with best friends)

3. Honeymoons can be truly dreamy – I could become mushy here!

4. Cooking is really not a must-have skillset – you will find domestic help who cook way better and faster. That said, it helps if you know 5 quick tasty snacks and 5 kinds of dessert (No, chocolate does NOT count)

5. It makes all the difference if mom-in-law’s culinary skills and opinion about cooking are similar to yours

6. You still miss your old room sometimes with the corny posters and soft toys which made you sneeze

7. You need at least 1 friend living nearby to whose place you can “walk off in a huff”

8. Exasperating OCD habits grow on you and you end up actually loving the fact that your house looks beautiful All The Time (of course you need your own small corner to mess up to restore balance)

9. You are still unable to figure out why shopping together at Foodworld/Spencers for hours is a fun affair while even entering a Shoppers Stop/FabIndia evokes violent frenzied reactions!

10. You discover that shaving foam cans can burst (those warnings about storing in ‘cool dark place’ u always thought were for idiots are apparently valid), creams in winter are apparently for sissies and facewash/bodywash are objects of total surprise and mild curiosity

11. Forcing sick husbands to drink soup&toast which you made evokes initial resistance but eternal gratitude once the fever is gone

12. Sachin Tendulkar is your new god and Argentina is your country. If you cant give them due respect, at least try and keep silent about it in the interest of domestic peace

13. Hearing “My Wife” said with pride still makes you grin ( yeah yeah you feminists can go take a hike)

14. You can safely flirt with the cute guy hitting on you, secure in the knowledge that its just harmless fun. Only problem is you dont want to…not now not ever!

15. You can stop feeling guilty when post-early-dinner-out you feel hungry again late at night – someone is even hungrier than you are AND will help warm up leftovers AND will serve you

16. Skipping a movie to watch an already-lost cricket match does not indicate you are less loved. So they say!

17. The inside of hot ovens are not meant to be touched (Ok this is back to basics, you actually dont need to get married to realise this!)

18. Keep the ice-tray filled and the ashtray emptied – and get used to ppl sleeping in various corners of the house on weekends – you will end up loving it!

19. Lamps and candles give the house a warm cosy look – the more the merrier

20. You cant blissfully ignore “household stuff” anymore like u did at home and hostel

21. The last 10 min before falling asleep is precious and belongs to both of you only – whether its discussing the absconding maid, cribbing about work or planning your dream vacation

22. Sharing a quilt is ultimately not romantic – your toes freeze

23. You WILL fight and sometimes fight dirty-it helps if you have sisters and have trained from childhood :D The good part is most are forgotten by the morning. And then theres always the fun of making-up!

24. Just-like-that flowers are appreciated even more now coz face it now he doesnt “need to”

25. You wait for the doorbell to ring late evening and thats ok. But sometimes you crash and dont hear it – thats ok too