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Living with a member of the opposite sex for so many years (yes all of two-and-a-half!), I have observed certain traits among couples. There are couples who go through life in tandem. Watching them together is like watching a well-choreographed performance. They enjoy similar things (or have attuned themselves to each other in such a way that they enjoy similar things) – and, I assume, lead more peaceful lives.They are a sum of their parts.

And then there are the other kind – the ‘jigsaw’ pairs…who fit together like a glove, but by themselves are very different pieces. This of course creates its own share of problems often leading to headbanging of a strictly non-Metallica kind…but never a dull moment! And when the shine wears off the silver a little…a plate chips…and a glass or two break from the perfect set- you know its a rocking party…and non-stop at that! They are not merely a sum of their parts.

To avoid confusion (like we dont have enough of it already) lets call the ‘different’ jigsaw pieces “Type X” and “Type Y”.

Difference #1:

Type X can break into a dance even when the music is just in their head. Type Y will need a few (ok make that quite a few) beers down before they can join X on the floor…but once they do, new dance forms using various props which shall stay unnamed are invented (which should have stayed…err…’uninvented’ for all time to come).

Difference #2:

Type X will boil over in a minute over a (supposed) non-issue and throw a royal fit – and then simmer down just as quickly. Type Y will take some time to reach the tipping point but once there it will take a whole summer to melt the thaw! Strangely though, Type X will be calmer in a crisis. Go figure.

Difference #3:

This is a very critical difference, the only one with the potential to cause serious damage, and it is not to be taken lightly. Type Y ‘like’ sports. Lets rephrase that – they like eating, breathing, thinking, sleeping, playing, watching – S.P.O.R.T.S. Type X does not. At All. And thats all there is to it. There really is no workaround. However the paradox of human nature saves them here since some teeny part of X likes the fact that Y plays, while a teeny part of Y likes X to be ignorant about all things involving kicking or hitting a ball. Dont ask me, I warned you earlier its confusing enough!

Difference #4:

Type X will happily head off at a moments notice on a trip to the hills when the mood strikes. Type Y on the other hand needs an interesting enough plan to be dislodged from the comfortable bean-y bag-gy position by person or persons, preferably armed. Once there however, it will be seen that Type Y had remembered to bring the hotel vouchers which Type X had forgotten about.

Difference #5:

Type Y will invite you, your newly-met neighbour and his dog for your next party, and treat said newly-met neighbour as you would your long-lost best friend. Type X will eye them warily and keep a distance until (or rather unless) they ‘click’ and get ‘accepted’. Once there however, they will give a limb for newly-met-neighbour-turned cautious acquaintance-turned acquaintance-turned casual friend-turned friend. Yes it takes some time with Type X, but probably worth it for those who hang around.

The little quibbles and foibles that make us who we are as individuals – that differentiate us, yet classify us in a reassuring way. So heres raising a toast to the ‘differences’ and their celebration – everyday!