It was always you and me against the world. No actually in the beginning it was just me…but before that it was you and me…before consciousness, before knowledge, before memory.
Not that I knew what I was missing…I was happily wandering about alone, wide-eyed and wilful…spoilt…not really…indulged maybe. You were one of many new events in a world which was changing for me everyday. I stopped skipping and looked on a little surprised at all the commotion caused by a unruly mop of hair…being curious by nature I went to take a peek. Nothing much to see…just two huge huge eyes staring as if to say “you sure took your time!”. It got interesting…definitely worth an investigation…Poke Poke (and then FB came along years later, stole the concept and took the credit. oh well.)
You went and rammed yourself into the corner of the dressing-table…scary blood…I was asked to hold onto you while Ma called Baba (or was it the doc?). Suddenly I had a new role…I had a part to play in the scheme of things…I mattered. And somehow I knew when we go out to play together against the big bad world, I was to look out for you…and make sure we come back home together even if we were on different teams for that day’s game. And vice-versa, though I had to grow up a little more to realise that. I think single kids must really be brave to make it on their own through childhood…its a jungle out there!
I dont remember why you did it, but throwing Ponds powder tin at that bulb got us into major trouble. As did “exploring the chhaat”. And gate-crashing the biye-bari just to prove we can get away with it (oh I think that one was mine :D). “They” did not catch on (except maybe Ma she’s a sharp one ), but most of the hair-brained (and hair-raising) ideas were yours. A mistake which some unsuspecting souls make even today. Heh.
Its a helluva journey from pippinpiya/piyapippin (one word, no space ;) ) to *dash* and *dash* learning and teaching, stumbling and steadying, fighting, competing, fiercely protecting – and always always knowing subconsciously what the other is thinking, despite words, despite actions. We would eventually have found each other anyway…I think its called affinity… I’m just relieved we did in this life.