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As the sounds of the day fade into the night
The lights grow dim, not a soul in sight,
I bury my face in the pillow and sleep feign
When the well-known shadows come calling again.

Nameless faces looking out with blurred eyes
One or two i even recognize.
A dash of red, a patch of blue
Cry out from a greying mildew
Fragments of my life floating in the debris
Memories buried longing to be free.

A shiny bicycle colliding into a wall
Tears embarrassment and laughter after the fall
Bewildered after reading graffiti on a neighbour’s car
Searching a clear sky for just one shooting star…
Familiar comforting smell of tobacco and musk
A soft hand with long fingers guiding me till dusk

Did i live in that red-and-blue house once?
And wasnt that music strains from my first dance?
Feelings that make you soar then make you weep
Never letting you stop to trap that elusive sleep.

Something in the darkness draws me to it
Hesitantly at first then right into the pit…
It envelops me in its greys and blacks
Pouring into the crevices and cracks.

At first i am enchanted by its mystic caress
I revel in its eternal embrace
But i become a slave to its magnetic powers
Sleep eludes me for many hours.

In vain I claw and tear at the never ending night
Eagerly wait for the dawn of the first light
As the first rays filter through the window frame
My captor grows tired of his cruel game.
Laughingly he recedes, unaware of my plight
Only to return gleefully the next night.