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Its really not one of those beginnings you remember. No question of love at first sight…just a casual tolerance…the kind you would resignedly concede to a co-passenger sharing a train compartment. If anything, the first time was a disappointment. Fumbling and awkward, ridiculously high expectations…baggage from the past and an uncertain future killing the present forever. Or so I thought – until I went back. You had not changed, so why the sudden ecstasy? Maybe it was me…confident in a way I never was before, almost there in the journey of becoming the person I wanted (destined?) to be. Everything you were, resonated with some basic part of my being…and this time I was ready. More than ready, yearning.

Ours is not one of those ‘eternal’ stories…neither of us want it to be permanent. We will never know the little details of our daily lives which complete a relationship. My loyalties lie elsewhere. But I will always remember you – in the wave rush in my ears, the salty taste in my eyes and a blur of lights at night. It is destined (wanted?) to remain an unfinished symphony- and if you listen closely amid the million sounds swirling around you, you will hear the sound of our spirits in harmony.