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This was a post I had written way back in 2006 and it was the last in all of 5 posts on the ‘old blog’ before I abandoned it altogether. I was amused to see I still agree with the stuff written below! Nothing really changes huh? I have resisted the urge to edit, and reproduced it as-is here.

I had just started writing something when midway I realized it was utter crap. Something about feelings and emotions and other blah. Why would I want to subject others to something I myself couldn’t even bear to waste disk space by saving?
I wish some of the people writing blogs would also do the same. Stop and reconsider! Spare a thought for people visiting their pages (which given the ominous omnipresence of blogs these days is difficult to avoid). I can hear some indignant hisses…yaya we know you are just baring your immortal soul and your innermost philosophical thoughts and couldn’t care less who read it. To prove it these blogs even have names like “goawayfromhere” or something along the same lines. Ya right!! Poor you having people peering into your blog when you specifically made it clear they are unwanted. Ever heard of a diary? Doesn’t cost much (maybe a bit more than the internet)…and maybe a more appropriate place for those musings. Give it a thought.
The smug ones feel they are home safe…they don’t go in for thoughts and such like on their blogs. No siree they are the ones providing meaningful insights (they think) into contemporary issues. They also cover fundamental beliefs, sibling rivalry and the impact of your goldfish’s death on your childhood. Throw in a “relevant” picture for effect (not content with mere words blogger allows graphic torture also).
Don’t get me started on the poems. You’ll find one below if you use the scrollbar (for those who only orkut/yahoo/msn/solitaire on the comp: it’s the rectangular thingie to your right) which proves my point (what do u mean what point…this is a blog…im allowed to write any damn rubbish I want and have it certified as aesthetic and meaningful). Anyone who discovered “touch” rhymes with “dutch” and not “couch” has started writing poems. And they are of course emotional, soulful or commemorating some memorable event (the goldfish’s resurrection?) as the case may be. They also get their friends to write in happy thoughts…gunpoint maybe? Ohh I forgot…rhyming is passé…some of them unable to resolve the touch-dutch-couch (this is NOT meant to be controversial whatever it may sound like) do away with that altogether. The vaguer the concepts the better the poem.
These days I actually like the “I-ate-sandwich-for-lunch” write-ups better. At least What You See Is What You Get.