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I don’t think I have any more or less cravings than the next person…if theres ever a day of reckoning I think I would get a decent passing grade. I don’t drool over shiny cars, big houses or jewellery. I am not a compulsive shopper and am indifferent to ‘brand’s (ok except Mac – both of them!).  I do love good food, but thanks to hostel life and my sudden lapses into “diet phases” after seeing old pics, I know that I can survive without the good stuff for long intervals.

However, what I will probably not survive is if I cannot travel. When I say travel, naturally I mean vacations – although I have been known to be absurdly happy at official trips also if I have been grounded for some time before that! Theres nothing – absolutely nothing – in the world which makes me happier. It is immaterial whether its an exotic trip across seas and skies, a fun road trip nearby or even a long drive and back – I love all of them. Actually need is more correct. You will never find me happier than while planning a trip – I sometimes plan trips (including looking up hotels and sights) which I know may not even materialize in my lifetime, let alone in the near future. Please don’t judge, we all have our weaknesses. And unfortunately I can be a total pain if I haven’t been able to pull one off a trip for quite some time – the only time I am moody and irritable.

So I have decided to pen down my travel experiences (past ones if can get down to it, but definitely the future ones). Unlike most of my other writings, these will be more personal and I hope my million readers (ok all 3 of you!) enjoy them. WordPress updates me on a modest number of hits on my posts but I seem to hear from all of you only on Facebook – hope you guys take some time to leave a comment here on the blog also.

*Wiki describes ‘wanderlust’ as “The term originates from the German words wandern (to hike) and Lust (desire)”

According to Tripadvisor I’ve visited only 9% of the world (marked on the map below). Oh well…someday…Someday!!