Updated to Add – A win…and many Firsts!

And who would have thought it…this little snippet below got me so many ‘firsts’ :D

– ‘First Writing Contest Ever‘ (in Lily of HIMYM style) – thanks to the poking of a friend actually entered a contest related to writing! Total fun…why haven’t I done this before?

– ‘First Win Ever‘ (ok now you know why Lily gets irritating after a while) – and it feels so much better than winning academic medals and stuff…wish I had figured that out in school/college/b-school (ok clearly in all that time if I didn’t figure it out the problem must be with me!).

– First author-autographed copy (personalized no less!) –  of this book by Yashodhara Lal (meeting her and husband Vijay, both also ‘characters’ from the book was one of the highlights of the time spent there). Have started the book and it’s a laugh riot…funny dialogue and endearing characters…check out my review here!

– and last but totally not the least – first lunch at the new Gurgaon outlet of Mamagoto (http://www.mamagoto.in/). I have been to their Saket outlet, and this was every bit as good – yum food (the prawns were heavenly) and of course my favourite part, dessert.

All in all it was ‘a most fun’!


This is my entry for an interesting contest being run by blogger Yashodhara (she of the recently-launched ‘Just Married, Please Excuse’ fame). Apart from the fact that contests are just FUN, the prize for this one includes a copy of her book and lunch at Mamagoto (the only place I have come across which serves ‘Wasabi Mary’ – whats not to love?). Hop over here for more details of the contest http://www.yashodharalal.com/2012/08/the-just-married-please-excuse-contest.html.

We had been married for a few months and with the all-round domesticity, my wanderlust was kicking in. A trip was planned, tickets booked and Tripadvisor rummaged. The night before we were supposed to leave I indulged in romantic conversation with the husband.
“You still haven’t packed and we have to wake up at 5 tomorrow”
“Its only one tiny suitcase…takes 15 min”
He looked at my suitcase with superior scorn.
“Are you taking all that stuff?”
“You never know we might get stranded somewhere”
“Yes on the very real chance of that happening your clothes are what will save us!”
Late at night by which time I was already packed, brushed, and in bed, he wandered in.
“Err…do you have some room to fit my shoes?”

We arrived at the airport sleepy but well in time for the 2-hour flight. The irritatingly cheery attendant at the check-in counter beamed at us.
“I have 2 seats side-by-side” (in the manner of Santa Claus). My husband and I looked at each other wondering which one of us will have to disillusion her. I took the plunge.
“We don’t want that, can you give us a window and an aisle in the same row?”
“But…but…why would anyone want that?” (now looking scared).
“WE do!,” the husband stepped up.
“Yes yes.” She couldn’t wait to get rid of the crazy people. It was the speediest check-in I have ever seen.

What was not so much fun was arriving at the hotel. The husband seemed pleased though.
“Wow nice place!”
“Hmm…this isn’t the view we booked…this is partial-sea-partial pool-partial verandah of next guy view…we had asked for full-sea-partial-pool-semi sunset view…lets ask them to change it?” (this of course is how the husband heard it, my request had been perfectly reasonable).
“But the TV works fine.”
(Many rooms, floors, views later) “Ok this new room might seem similar but it’s actually better.”
“Yes this is better. The TV works fine.”
I think I heard the manager at the reception sigh.