I am a little tired of the estrogen-crazed rhetoric bombarding me all around. There have always been a certain kind of people who deserve to be hanged by the b*lls, as recent brutalities have again reinforced. But (oh yes there is a but), most men we interact with on a personal level are more ‘feminist’ than we give them credit for.

The people I see around me cheer our academic successes, celebrate our promotions, clean the house better than we do, execute a mean diaper change, and don’t cringe from holding our handbags in public when we need to climb a particularly steep hill. What’s the big deal, you ask? Nothing. And that’s exactly why we need to get off our high horse and stop lunging at windmills…there are more serious issues that could do with our energy.

And please, we need to tone down the righteous indignation. We get quotas, reservations, tax breaks – and while these are very necessary for certain people, some of us know in our hearts that we’re getting a free ride. Let’s just be (wo)man enough to accept it gracefully, and stop pretending we deserve it.

If you want to be a ‘couple’, do it. Do everything it entails, including giving in to someone else’s wishes at times (and vice versa naturally). It does not make you any ‘lesser’, no matter what your ‘cool’ single friends (the ones who will bite the dust very soon and sing a different tune) think. Independence is a state of mind, if you didn’t have it to start with you probably never will.

We give the ‘stronger’ sex way too much unnecessary airtime by our refusal to get off the soapbox. Thanks to our overzealous efforts they have been elevated to the status of adversary, competitor, detractor – when, in the words of Pink Floyd, ‘after all they’re only ordinary men’.

So let’s just treat them as such. And stop the hypocrisy.