About Me

There is nothing about ‘me’ that I want to share with the world in general.

I write about random topics and there is really no consistency. Some personal favourites are travel stories, quirky tales of couples, and relationships in general. The poems are close to my heart, and usually don’t make much sense to anyone else. Recently I find myself writing more and more ‘short stories’. Occasionally some social/political event may trigger off an impassioned rant, but that is reserved more for the ‘real’ world where you would have to know me. What you will not find here are excruciating details of how I spent my day or my ‘deepest emotions’.

In short, this is my take on life, NOT my life. Comments are not moderated, so feel free to stick around and speak out! Which means bring out the bouquets here and secretly send me the brickbats at amrita666 at gmail dot com ;)


9 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I blogrolled you Amrita!

  2. Pretty interesting blog, Amrita! :)
    Keep posting. Have a great day ahead. Cheers.\m/ :)


  3. ‘Take’ on life and not ‘life’. I love that and its so well put, it would take me paragraphs to explain that!

  4. I enjoyed going through your blog in short! I look forward seeing more of your posts. Cheers :)

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